Monarch Airlines

In the competitive ski-holiday market, Monarch needed to attract a new audience – and find a different way of engaging them.


In the highly competitive ski-holiday market, Monarch couldn't outspend established airlines. To stand out, they needed to attract a new audience – and find a different way of engaging them.


Analysis of the Ski Club of Great Britain database showed Monarch’s routes appealed to independent, adventure skiers. These skiers were constantly researching destinations and love new experiences. They’re also digitally savvy, so Monarch merged holiday content with technology to satisfy their curiosity.

Mail has always been an important channel in the travel-buying process for creating destination inspiration. Adding rich digital content in mail added an extra dimension.

The audience was sent a mail pack, which used a ‘Maltese cross’ format that unfolded to reveal a mountain range, with information on fresh ski routes and resorts served by Monarch. Recipients simply held a smartphone over the mailing to access extra content on their mobile. Augmented Reality (AR) transported them to the resorts, whetting their appetites for the coming ski season. Most importantly, recipients could click through to see prices on the Monarch website and were able to book there and then.


Monarch Airlines achieved 7,201 bookings and £2.2 million in revenue from this campaign, which resulted in an average spend increase of 24.5% and an impressive ROI of 18:1.

Monarch was the first UK airline to combine mail with AR, breaking new ground for the industry. Their website saw 21.7% of mail recipients visit, with one even tweeting pictures of the pack, thanking Monarch for the great information.

Agency: WDMP DMA Awards, Grand Prix Winner, 2013

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